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Do you believe in climate change?

I am a scientist. I study the climate system. I often use these words to introduce myself. Every now and then, this evokes a simple question: Could you tell me what the weather is like tomorrow? Yes, I can; I do sometimes check the weather forecast and can tell you. At other times, I get the other question. Do you believe in climate change? 

I wonder whether other people are asked such questions. Are astronomers asked whether they believe in Mars.  Are physicist constantly asked: Do you believe in gravity? Climate change is not a religion. Asking whether someone believes in God is a valid question, as nobody has ever proven that God exists or does not exist. But climate change? The increase in global mean temperatures has been measured.  We can observe the increase in hot temperature extremes. Satellite show that snow cover in the northern hemisphere has decreased.

A very different question is: Is climate change due to the increasing greenhouse gas concentrations? Are we responsible for climate change? This question is one that we can answer. You will find out how in our article ‘Are we responsible for climate change?’.

What is your opinion on climate change? Please fill out our short survey on We will report on the results.

2 thoughts on “Do you believe in climate change?

  1. This misses the point. When one asks “Do you believe in climate change ? “, what is almost always implicitly asked is: “Do you believe in the theory of climate change being caused by humans and hence in the projections that it will continue and increase”.

    So it relates more to the question: “Do you believe in the theory of gravitation”. Which is as you note way different.


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