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Is 25,000 refugees a lot ?

refugee2Just a few hours ago, the Federal government announced a revised plan for the resettlement of 25,000 Syrian refugees as promised in November. The new plan postponed the target date from the end of 2015 to the end of February in 2016. Only 10,000 of the identified 25,000 refugees will arrive in Canada by 2015. The revised plan has taken into consideration the raising concerns about national security after the recent black Friday tragedy in Paris.

Are 25,000 refugees a lot? It means less than 3 refugees for every 1000 Canadians. Scaled down by the provincial population, not even one refugee for every 1000 Canadians will be resettled in Alberta, where most disagreement emerged. Discover how 25,000 becomes a small number in comparative terms with this interactive map on the refugee resettlement plan.

Over half of the Canadians have opposed the government’s original plan of resettling 25,000 refugees in 2015, as suggested by a latest public pool from the Angus Reid Institute. The biggest concern among the opponents is the short timeline to ensure security checks. Some opponents think that 25,000 is too many and some feel the expenses are too high. About 29% of the opponents think Canada should not be taking in any Syrian refugees at all. Alberta showed the lowest support rate (33%) among all surveyed provinces while the opponent switch has occurred in British Columbia since this October.


The Vancouver Sun’s reported the likely number of resettlement for targeted communities across Canada.

Angus Reid Institute
reported the recent public survey on the government’s 25,000 refugee’s plan.

Statistics Canada estimates of population, Canada, provinces and territories 2015.

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