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Save 8 hours a week with better transport


Torontonians who use public transit for their commute spend an average of 113 minutes to get to and from work every day. This can be frustrating, especially when the transport system of Toronto is compared to other cities. The Data Journalist gathered data on fast and slow trains. The fastest train link is in China, connecting Wuhan and Guanzhou within less than 3 hours – an impressive 313 km/h. With such high speed, the average public transport commuter in Toronto could save 8 hours a week.

TTC KennedyStation2014-5718

Toronto Transit TTC, picture City of Toronto

JapanRail has announced the new speed record of 603 km/h earlier this year with the latest maglev bullet train. Many countries compete for world speed records and newest technologies. A list can be found on GOEURO. But for train riders, we don’t care how fast the train itself could go but rather how long it takes to get from one place to another. In this regard, China and France are the winners.

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