Meet the team

Stella and Brigitte are the two main authors of the data journalist. We both have a PhD in Science, are data scientists, researchers and storytellers.

Brigitte: Co-founder of the data journalist. PhD in Climate Science from ETH Zurich. Data scientist at the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto. Fluent in R, IDL and LateX, English, German, French and Chinese. Scientific publications on the human influence on the climate system, land-surface interactions, causality, and extreme climate events. More about me on LinkedIn.


Stella: Co-founder of the data journalist. PhD in Earth system Modeling, postdoc at Environment Canada. Fluent in Python and R, passionate about machine learning,  web and mobile developing, data visualization, care deeply for social development and sustainability.

Once the data journalist is growing, we are pleased to use this introduction space here to present guest authors to our webpage.

Interested in writing for us? Send us an email at